It’s Killing Jerry

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Jerry’s been getting away with it.

He’s pleaded incompetence when it comes to diapers and dodged the night feeds for two months straight. He’s kept the extortionate alimony payments going out to his ex. right off his current wife’s radar and put in just enough hours to keep the boss off his back.

Yeah, Jerry’s shirked his way to the easy life alright, but when a pal from the past interferes with the present, Jerry’s finely balanced world takes on a dangerous wobble. Now suddenly everyone’s demanding their pound of flesh and if Jerry can’t deliver, they'll all be happier if he’d just drop dead.

Sit-com turns thriller when Jerry winds up on the late evening news reported missing, presumed murdered, his whereabouts a mystery to all but one person. Lies used to make life easier, but now one thing’s for sure:

being Jerry is murder.


Read the prologue and first chapter here.

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A brilliant read with lots of heart and plenty of surprises. I loved it. Thoroughly recommended. Full Review.

A thoroughly rewarding read. Full Review.

Fabulous! Full Review.

Loved it. Full Review.

A Rollicking Read! Full Review.

Funny and unusual - an entertaining read. Full Review.